What Women Think About Art Of Attraction

"A lot of people think that you can get all the ladies if you're good looking. The truth is what a woman finds attractive rarely has anything to do with what you physically look like. It's all about how you move, how you can read a woman, and how you react and interact with her.

A lot of the good looking guys SUCK at being with women, because they think "Ah I'm good looking, I don't need to do anything. I don't need to get in tune with her, I don't need to know what's going on" and that's complete crap!

If you can't read what I'm telling you with my body, then we can't really talk about anything. Women don't really ever say what they mean, they say it with their bodies. You want someone who knows you, who's in tune with you and who can respond to you.

It's easy to be skeptical about something like this because a lot of people make the same type of promise. I'm one of those skeptical people, and I was completely surprised at how amazing, effective, and informative this whole workshop product is. You've got nothing to lose"

Shiva - Student at San Francisco State University
Pickup 101 Wing Woman

"At first I was really skeptical. I have a degree in psychology, so I wasn't sure if this was how to manipulate people. After doing it, I'm really impressed. It's about how to read people and figure them out before trying to approach them.

"I feel great about it about it. I think it's definitely something that's needed today after going to my share of bars and meeting disastrous disastrous guys. I think anybody can benefit from it, even guys that are good talking to women"

"Lance is great, he's easy to listen to and he does a lot of demonstration and examples"

"This is definitely better than reading a book, because it's actual real world knowledge. There are examples, there are demos, it's seeing it in action."

Nicole - Advertising Rep, San Francisco CA
Pickup 101 Wing Woman

Initially, my first reaction to the idea that there was this group of pick-up artists teaching skills to men who needed help attracting women was extreme skepticism. I have to say... they are truly helping men... the fact that they are turning around to help clueless men, and believe me there are plenty, is truly a good thing.

When I spent time in one of their courses I decided to go ahead and write an article about what they are doing.

In the beginning of the three-day workshop I attended, the students were nervous, meek in disposition and I couldn't imagine them having any sort of successful interactions with beautiful women. But I watched as they quickly transformed into comfortable, confident and likable guys.

By the end of the workshop I was *shocked* to see such progress.

If their students walk away from their workshops with a boost in confidence, then they have definitely been successful.

Because having tools and a foundational understanding of how to be an attractive man can be learned from these guys, but it's also having the confidence to follow through in order to be successful with women.

And from my experience with PickUp 101 students, that seems to be the case.

~ Kristin Curtin
Xpress Magazine San Francisco

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