“Finally, a One-on-One Program Uniquely Tailored To Your Sticking Points That Are Destroying Your Results With Women Right Now

Flocks of hot, sexy women in bars, bookstores, clubs, and coffee shops are waiting, begging for you to sweep them off their feet - But there's a big, fat, man-eating “trap ready to spring on guys who practice these skills. That trap is called…

Practicing WRONG. They get “Blown Out” again and again, and keep doing it ... Over and Over! It’s like fishing with with the wrong bait, and every time you go home with an empty bucket, you say to yourself – “Maybe it will be different tomorrow.”

It just doesn’t work that way. Every time you get “Blown Out,” you are training yourself to clam up and become more shy each time. You are actually getting worse.

How you practice is the difference between either getting more and more nervous every time you talk to a woman, or unlocking the door to the women you desire. The key is having a private coach who will show you, step-by-step, exactly what to do every time you talk to a woman, so you're actually learning and moving forward from your experience and getting better and better results.

With that, here are your options for Private Coaching …

One-On-One Bootcamps:

20 Hours Over Two Intensive Days

Pre-Requisite: Art of Attraction

If your skill level just isn’t where you want it to be, this is your chance to flip a complete 180° in less than 48 hours.

This is a 2-Day Intensive One-On-One Bootcamp. You will work with your instructor to pick the perfect mix of daytime, night time, exercises, lecture, demonstrations, style consultation/shopping or any other combination to revolutionize your game.

This is the whole, complete “Make-It-Happen” package. The “Amazing Deal” that I would have killed to have when I first got started.

One of our Expert Instructors will take you by the hand and guide you step by step to everything you need to know right now to obliterate your sticking points. He will personally show you how to connect each and every little dot. After your one-on-one in-person coaching, every piece of the puzzle will come together and transform you into a well oiled date-getting machine.

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Night-Time Exercises / Field Work

Night Time Exercise/Field Work: 4 Hour Sessions

Pre-Requisite: Limit One Session For Non-Art of Attraction Graduates

In bars and clubs, there's a gorgeous woman in every direction as far as the eye can see. With this many women in the same place, practicing at night can be your chance to rocket-launch your "game," but it can also trip you and send you tumbling down hill. The difference is just knowing exactly what you need to practice RIGHT. And that’s about knowing what your real “Sticking Points” are, and what you need to do to mow them down them for good. It’s about knowing what your strengths are, and how to mold them into your razor-sharp secret weapon.

Your Night-Time Exercises/In-Field Coaching is a 4-Hour block of intensive one-on-one coaching, where you can identify and eliminate your toughest sticking points, refine your strengths, build your routine stack, get live demonstrations, as well as real-time feedback.

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Day-Time Exercise / Field Work

Day Time Exercise/Field Work: 4 Hour Sessions

Pre-Requisite: Limit One Session For Non-Art of Rapport Graduates

It might surprise you that our instructors don’t meet women in bars anymore. Just like training wheels, once their skills got good enough, they just threw them in storage and forgot about them. Because if you’re looking to date hot, sexy women, meeting them in the day time is your best bet.

Now we’re making the same one-on-one, individualized training that our instructors had available to you, to shatter your sticking points and start getting real dates with real women.

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By Phone Private Coaching

45 Minute Sessions

Pre-Requisite: None

If you want to start getting smokin’ hot girls and drive your game forward, but for one reason or another can’t make it to our In-Person Coaching, we’re making this available for you to take advantage of, even if you’re not here in person.

One of our kick-ass instructors will climb on the line with you and extinguish any burning questions you still have lingering in your mind, on anything from the first 3 seconds to long term relationships.

This is a one-on-one individualized coaching session where you can finally get your questions on your goals, your sticking points, and your results answered.

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Just One Little Thing...

No, this isn't the usual spiel thrown around on late-night infomercials. If you don’t register right now, we will sell out. What we're offering is real-life, one-on-one, "just you and me" training. See, our instructors have work to do, bills to pay, and a social life life to enjoy. (In other words, they’re normal people with normal lives, just like you – the only difference is they’re damn good with women.) They're taking time out of their schedule to give you personal one-on-one coaching.

But they are real people, and they only have so much free time. Most of us can’t do coaching more than once a week; some of us can only do it once a month. Once we’re booked, we’re booked. In fact, one of my instructors hasn’t taken any new clients in three months – He’s just been totally booked out!

So don’t wait. This is your chance to strap on a nuclear-powered jetpack and rocket-blast your skills to the next level. Register right now.

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