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“Every Proven Method For Approaching
Women Since Humans Started
Walking Upright”

Fearless First Impressions is my complete core dump of every single opening line, method, tactic, and strategy for approaching women I've ever used successfully in my career as a pickup artist and dating coach. Each one explained in depth and you'll see it demonstrated on real women with multiple camera shots to make sure you get it.I guarantee you, no matter how experienced you are, you'll learn new ways to start a conversation not currently taught ANYWHERE else. In fact, if you can truthfully say you know all of these, I'll give you your money back on the spot!

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“Get the Rock Solid Self-Confidence
Women Find Irresistable”

The Physical Confidence Take-Home Training Program sold 189 copies before it was officially released. Why? Because the NUMBER ONE thing women say they find attractive in a man, is CONFIDENCE. This is our definitive training on how to develop your self confidence with women in less than 30 days, learn how to read a woman's body language, and how to use both sexual and non-sexual touching ('Kino' Escalation).

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“Never, EVER have that horrible feeling of
“I don't know what to say" with Women
Ever Again!”

Charismatic Conversations Take-Home Toolkit: Learn EXACTLY What to Say EVERYTIME with literally ANY women, without trying to be Something or Someone you're not... Without ever feeling even the Slightest Discomfort... and Without any fear of Rejection Whatsoever!

You can read all about the Charismatic Conversations by clicking here.

The Spy-Cam Tells it All: “Join Me, My Instructors, and My Students IN THE REAL WORLD...”

Spy-Cam Seductions: Want to see how it's Really done?

This IS REAL hidden-camera footage of world-class pickup artists expertly meeting and seducing women.

In all honesty, you probably know or have heard about all the techniques you'll see our instructors and students use on these videos. The techniques and strategies aren't that complicated... but this is the first time you'll get to see it done expertly--LIVE... and see it done badly--LIVE... and... (even more important) with full play-by-play explanations of everything that worked and didn't work.

Details are here: www.SpyCamSeductions.com

“Fulfill Your Sexual Fantasies, Date Without Drama, AND Settle Down With An Amazing Woman... On YOUR Terms”

Zero-Drama Dating:  Statistics don’t lie: Over 50% of marriages will end in divorce, and over 75% of people who remarry will divorce…  Plus, 55% of married women admit to cheating on their husbands at some point during their marriage…  What’s more, this is just the amount of people who admit to having been unfaithful, which means the percentages are really MUCH higher…

I hear from men around the world that are only learning “half the puzzle”.  They get in relationships, but end up frustrated not getting the relationships they really want.  There are "missing pieces" to their relationship skills they would desperately love to fill in… but they simply don't know where to look or what to do to get that final missing connection.

That’s why I’m offering you the information you absolutely NEED to have if you want your relationships with women to finally make sense… be more fun, passionate, and drama-free!  No more “Missing Pieces”, All the information I know about creating the happy, Fulfilling relationships YOU want.

You can read all about the Zero-Drama Dating & the Art of Seduction program by clicking here.

“What Women Secretly Wish You Knew
About Fashion... But Will Never, Ever
Tell You To Your Face!”

Dress for Success: Save months of time and thousands of dollars while developing your own style to attract the kind of women YOU are intersted in. Assess and accentuate your best features, while demonstrating an understanding of the 'Female' language of fashion. Whether you want to be Mr. Clean or break the rules, everything you need to look great is all in here. Make the right first impression every time.

You can read all about the Dress for Success program by clicking here.

“Everything You Know About
Women is Wrong!”

It's not your fault. You've just been given bad information by well-meaning people since day 1.  Get a better job. Buy a fancier car. Make more money. Sound familiar? Well, it's all bogus. Now get the real scoop. Learn what works and why.

Details are here: www.PickUp101.com/EverythingYouKnowIsWrong


“Fuse the Secrets of World Famous
Pick-Up Artists Into Your Body...”

Art of Attraction Intensive Workshop: Embarrassingly Simple Secrets Instantly Unleashes The Power Of Attraction Hidden Inside Of You. Without buying a new Porsche, without having to develop 'abs of steel', or spending hundreds of hours in bars!
- Amaze Your Friends - PickUp the Hottest Girl in the Bar!
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“How to Find Your Soulmate...
For a Year or a Night... While Getting
a Bag of Groceries, Taking a Lunch Break,
or Filling Up Your Gas Tank!”

Instant-Connection Day Game Bootcamp: Build Iron-Clad trust while meeting women in quiet, everyday situations. Do this right and she'll think about you when she goes to bed at night...
- Find Out How You Too Can Get Four Dates in Four Hours
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Lance Mason

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