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There are a lot of companies teaching dating skills now, but no one has more people from more diverse backgrounds than Art Of Attraction (formerly PickUp 101). Our coaches, staff, and lovely super girls all have their own stories, and there's sure to be one that reminds you of your own. And if you are going to make these changes in your life, you need to find someone you can relate to. Our instructors are all seasoned professionals when it comes to working with men on the issues of meeting women, relationships, and 'inner game'. In addition, our instructors keep up on fashion and culture and you as our client will benefit from this diverse knowledge.

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Lance Mason - Founder & Program Director

Lance Mason

Lance is the Senior Instructor at Art Of Attraction, and has brought hundreds of guys from ‘zero to hero’ during his over ten years in the game and three years of full time instruction.

Art Of Attraction’s philosophy is that every man has attractive qualities that can trigger overwhelming attraction in women. By teaching to the individual and providing huge amounts of qualified personal attention, Art Of Attraction gives it’s clients dramatic results without ‘cookie-cutter’ techniques and tricks.

Art Of Attraction’s Programs have been praised by respected instructors and coaches worldwide:

Mystery - “"Great teachers with massive in-field experience. Their exciting new ideas have contributed to the advancement of our art."
Chet Rowland – “Get off your butt, quit reading web sites, and take action with PickUp 101”
Ben Orion – “Hands down the best workshop out there, and I’ve taken almost all of them!”

Lance is also a founder of the PickUp 101 Mansion, a collection of pick-up artists living together to improve their lives and their game. The mansion was also once the location for all the original PickUp 101 programs.

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Asher Kayce - Senior Instructor

Asher KayceWith nearly 6 years of working as a full time instructor, Asher is Pickup101's most experienced coach. Like all the other instructors, Asher was a student of Pickup 101, and is proud to be a living example of Pickup 101's success. His story probably will sound familiar to you. A once shy youth has a rough high school experience and comes out of his shell a little bit in college. He "gets lucky" every now and then, but never really knows what he's doing right (or wrong). He gets fed up. Enter PickUp 101.

Pickup 101 did more than just change Asher's life. Not only had he become empowered, but he had a clarity of understanding over his own past experiences. His whole perspective on how everything works changed. Now Asher is one of the most outgoing charming happy warm lovable people you'll ever meet.

Asher has a new purpose in life: to bring this same clarity and power to men all over the world.

"I love my life. I've got everything I need. I eat well, sleep well, and have great sex with amazing women I love. Pickup101 has helped me realize what I've had within me this whole time and has shown me how easy it really is to get what I want. Now my job is to show the same thing to more men in the world and I couldn't be happier."

Favorite quotes from past students:

"You've done more for me in 3 days than my therapist has in 3 years!"

"I'm done now. First thing I'm doing when I get home is unsubscribe from all my newsletters and give all my products to my friends. Thanks. It's time for me to find something new."

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Megan Lane - Senior Instructor

As a blonde, blue eyed California girl, Megan has definitely seen the world of Pickup from the other side. Tired of having guys approach her with lame, weak lines, she jumped at the opportunity to teach guys how to present themselves as the real, quality men that they are.

Megan has been teaching workshops with Art of Attraction since 2007 and has helped hundreds of guys overcome their fear of approaching beautiful women. With a keen appreciation of what works and what doesn't, Megan is able to give detailed feedback that allows guys to make quick progress.

She loves working for a company that encourages guys to be genuine and attractive as they are, without needing to change themselves to be someone else.

Students love having the chance to work with such an encouraging and experienced female coach in the classroom. By the time they go out to talk to women in the field, they've developed the comfort and skills they need to approach any woman!

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Shu - Senior Instructor

ShuEnergetic, social, and fun, Shu was already a pretty cool guy before pickup. However he sucked with women! It wasn’t that he lacked self-confidence. Raised by Chinese immigrants, Shu was just never taught the “mating ritual.” With the girls that were into him, he didn’t know how to respond.

The PickUp 101 workshops changed all that. The PickUp 101 instructors taught him the tools to show women his best self, the cool guy that he already was. Shu really resonated with this authentic way to attract women and build relationships. As a former tutor, lifting coach, and TA, Shu loves to teach so becoming an instructor for PickUp 101 came pretty natural.

In working with students, Shu focuses on the fundamentals. There’s a lot going on when approaching a woman. When a student gets stuck, he figures out ways to break down the exercises into basic simple steps so that the student can really hone in on the behavior that needs correcting. Often when the student figures out that blockage, it’s a big AHA!! moment.

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Ed Cullen - Senior Instructor

Ed CullenBorn in a small town in the Midwest, Ed found himself in the minority amongst his peers. Needless to say, he wasn't always picked first during gym class. As a result, this effected his confidence and ultimately, the way he interacted with beautiful women. He never knew what to say or what to do around the women he really wanted in his life. In college, he met the girl of his dreams, and started making grand plans to settle down with her. But he never knew the key components of attraction and managing a relationship. In the end she broke up with him and he was devastated.

After college, he floated around the dating scene not entirely fulfilled with the women in his life. That's where Pick Up 101 came into play. Ed attended the Art of Rapport workshop and immediately found within himself the genuine traits that women find irresistible. Not wanting the momentum to end, Ed decided to come back and help coach other students of Pick Up 101. As Ed rode the crescendo of pick up, he felt there was something missing from his arsenal. The ability to flirt and banter was still a mystery. Ed committed to take the Art of Attraction workshop and was blown away by many concepts that Lance Mason had to offer. Instructors saw the progress he had made and invited him to coach full time.

Here is what other students have to say about Ed:

"I've never met someone so passionate about helping me overcome this last obstacle in my life!"

"You have changed my life for the better"

"I'll never be able to repay you for what you've taught me"

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Daniel Johnson - Senior Instructor

Daniel JohnsonWith his enthusiastic charismatic style, Daniel inspires men to transform their lives while also putting a smile on their face. Time and again he continues to receive overwhelming reviews as a captivating presenter and a meticulous and caring coach.

As the most senior instructor for Art Of Attraction, Daniel has been teaching since 2005, traveling the world and working with hundreds of men to transform their dating lives. Through written articles, audio, and video Daniel has reached thousands more men through the Art Of Attraction product library. He has also represented PickUp 101 on CNBC, in San Francisco Magazine, and USA Today. When not working directly with clients in a small workshop setting, Daniel often steps into the spotlight at conventions and summits around the globe, motivating audiences to take action for real world growth. Daniel continues to create new training exercises for The Art of Attraction and Art of Rapport workshops designed to make the core transformations which will create the most results in men's lives.

In his youth, however, Daniel didn't always have the best results with women. Influenced by his sister and lesbian mom, he was soon stuck on the track to be the perfect "Nice Guy with No Girls." He was a master of how to cook women pancakes and listen to their problems, but this approach still left him lonely and confused. It wasn't until after a two month long marriage, and losing his next serious girlfriend to another guy, that he finally got real. He threw himself headfirst into dating and managed to create the first results on his own. But, with practice and time, and after graduating from PickUp 101's courses himself, he soon began to excel with women.

Daniel currently lives in San Francisco and his interests range from wild adventurous to the profound mysteries of life. He may perhaps be best known for his skill with non-verbal communication. Before entering the world of pickup, Daniel was an English teacher in South Korea, where he learned to teach children who couldn't speak a word of English (and he couldn't speak a word of Korean). But, very quickly he learned to use those same non-verbal skills to date some of the hottest women in Korea (still without a word of Korean). No doubt, this also began the development of what is now his one-of-a-kind dynamic stage presence and action-oriented approach to teaching.

Daniel Johnson is an inspired leader driven to create a world full of happy relationships and happier people.

"Daniel is a superstar. He has an ability to control frame, to be funny and still tell the most amazing, heart-warming stories. Daniel’s coaching is excellent. He is a true Pick Up Artist."
– Eric, New York

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Eric Disco - Senior Instructor

Eric Disco33 years old and living in New York City, Eric has coached and instructed for Art Of Attraction as well as being invited as a guest for other local New York City gurus.  He specializes in day game, killer NYC fashion and teaching guys how to manage approach anxiety. 

Eric grew up in New Jersey and became interested in pickup in the late 90s, reading Eric Weber and eventually moving on to David D.  After reading the 'the Game' in early 2005, mastering pickup became a priority in his life.  He hasn't looked back since.  Eric has taken and taught Art of Attraction and Art of Rapport.  He's out on the street every single day approaching women.  On the weekends you will find Eric tearing it up in the meatpacking district or running game on hipster hotties in some artsy Williamsburg parties.  He co-authored a book on fashion for pickup artists and is currently writing his own book on pickup.

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Sean Deacon - Senior Instructor

Sean DeaconSean always had a girlfriend, was always kissing girls, and always had some girl around him. All the way up until third grade.

For about the next ten years of his life, nothin'.

Then he met that one girl. She was beautiful, precious, passionate, intelligent, thoughtful, sexy… everything he could ever want. He loved her so much he could feel it in his fingertips. His love felt as beautiful as a stained glass window – and as fragile too. For the next five years he struggled to keep his relationship with her working. Finally, circumstance forced them apart. And Sean was left holding the pieces of his broken heart.

After a few years, Sean decided to get his life together and move on, and promptly realized he had no idea where to begin with women. He felt like he SHOULD be good with women, but just didn't know HOW to be. When he would try to succeed with a girl, he would undoubtedly fail. He didn't understand why. He KNEW he was such a great guy, but just didn't know how to make women see that. So he searched. He voraciously found and read through all the material he could get his hands on. He used it, failed with it, succeeded with it, and learned a LOT about interacting with women in the process.

Finally, Sean studied with Pickup 101. It brought together everything he had read, heard, and practiced in the previous year, filtered out the bad advice, and elaborated on the good. The skills stuck.

Sean has filled many roles over the years: artist, engineer, teacher, surfer, punk, metal head, jazz bassist, and sailboat repairman. He likes talking about the latest story in Superman comics as much as he does the role of post-modern art in contemporary society. He is a fan of the Oakland Athletics, and enjoys a cold beer on a warm day.

At Art Of Attraction men are taught to be better, more confident and attractive versions of themselves. Sean has put a lot of work in to learning how to be a better man. He loves teaching other men to do the same, and making the world a better place for men and women.

He has been called plenty of things over the years, from "hilarious" to "charming" to "jackass", but what means the most is when a woman looks in his eyes and softly tells him, "You make me so happy".

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Robbie Kramer - Senior Instructor

Robbie KramerA San Diego resident and OC Native, Robbie has been chasing the SoCal hotties all of his life. Robbie has always had tons of women in his life but more often then not, they would end up as just friends. Some time around his Junior year of High School, Robbie became popular and had many women to choose from, but that all vanished after two years of college and the end of a two year relationship.

Robbie often recollected on the women he missed out on and when he did find someone that he clicked with, Robbie would immediately jump into the long term relationship trap. He remembers thinking to himself a couple years ago, “It’s a good thing I’m decent looking and able to occasionally get lucky because life would suck otherwise.” Ironically, a couple days later he was introduced to "The Game", PickUp 101, and the idea that he could actually improve his situation and have choice with women. Since then Robbie has been having the time of his life meeting women and helping other guys realize they can achieve all the happiness they have ever dreamed up and have fun doing it.

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Justin Carnahan - Senior Instructor

Justin CarnahanBorn into an Air Force family, Justin's little sister was always very cool... but he was not. However, in other areas Justin had been successful - winning Halo 2 tournaments, science fairs, and kicking ass in school. But throughout his school years, despite his best efforts, he could never manage to get the girls he really wanted.

After deciding to do something about it, Justin started reading and got a little success. He got to be a fairly cool guy and got into a year-long relationship that ended when he moved back to the states from Germany. Justin continued to study and tried lots of things, but still the best he could get were some really funny stories (some of which he won't even admit to - despite being filmed). Through it all, Justin still wasn't getting the level of mastery that he knew he could have.

Finally, Justin found out about Pick Up 101, and right away he knew that he wanted to become a coach. After going out and meeting women a few times a week for over a year, interning at the workshops, and traveling 10 hours in a day to hear from the greatest minds possible, Justin finally achieved his goal of becoming a coach. Now he gets to help men down the same path to transform themselves into the best men they can be and get the kind of relationships they want and deserve.

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