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Hidden Camera Seduction!

“Watch A World-Renowned Pickup Artist Get the Girl - And Tell How ANY Guy, INCLUDING YOU Can Do It Anytime, Anywhere!”

Check out the video on the right to watch my FREE Hidden Camera PickUp video! All of my instructors can do this on a regular basis... and you can too.

But there's a huge difference between going up to a hot girl and reciting a script vs. reading the subtle cues women give in the REAL World.

I had a couple of my instructors join me for a 'debriefing' session where we blew the lid off of what I did and why.

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  • Are you using someone else's “routine”? (If you don't do this, you'll look more like a squawking parrot than a smooth ladies' man.)

  • How to touch the girl you're interested in vs. how to touch her friends... (and how NOT touching a girl is just as awkward as touching her 'wrong')

  • Feel how the “dance of the hands” must work... (If you don't do it this way, you're sunk!)

  • If you're using routines, the one thing you MUST do...

  • How the way you touch women SECRETLY screams, “I don't know what I'm doing” and the EASY way to fix it

  • The brain-dead simple way to get into a private, intimate conversation with a woman – Without having to drag her across the bar or away from her friends!

  • How to have a conversation that will make her yearn to know all about you. (Simply knowing this will double your success in this situation)

  • How you can get away with “Aggressive Kino” (This is how Lance 'manhandles' the girl in the video... And she loves it!)

  • What to do when you can tell a girl's not really into the date you want to go on (this is your only chance to turn a “no” into a “maybe”!)

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Lance Mason

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