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One of the most powerful attraction techniques we teach is the nuclear powered attraction generator known as 'Banter'.

Banter is defined as "Good-humored, playful conversation" and "To speak to in a playful or teasing way." Most guys are terrified to talk to women like this, and it's a damn shame, since WOMEN LOVE IT!

When done correctly, women will become attracted to you so fast... you might not actually believe it when you see it happening. In fact, the single most common problem my clients have when I first teach them how to banter is, women will be attracted and the guy doesn't notice. It's a much better problem than not knowing what to say (and an easy one to fix).

Believe me... you add banter to what you've already learned about successful opening, and your killer story, and you'll be unstoppable.

Discover why banter actually works better for building instant attraction than almost anything else we teach and how it's not only easy... it's FUN.

Step inside, and you'll:

  • Discover how to make sure YOU'RE the guy who gives her the most fun she's had in months. (Anyone can do this, whether you THINK you're funny or not)

  • How to burst out of a dry-spell rut immediately... by tapping into a new fun playful way for meeting women like you've never had before. (when it's fun - it's easy, and when it's easy... it's a BLAST!)

  • A Quick and easy way to start playful banter with a woman and works every time. (You'll be able to do this right away)

  • The "little secret" which acts like an instant aphrodisiac to women! (She'll never realize your using her built in attraction mechanisms to get past her dork shields and dweeb defenses)

  • How to use banter to KEEP attraction going when you are in a relationship. (Your woman will never even think about other guys when you know how to keep her hot for you.)

  • You will never again be blindsided by negative reactions, blow outs, or other 'girl tests'... even when they seem to come out of nowhere! (The best part is, women DREAM of finding a man who won't take their crap)

  • How to get her laughing like she's known you for years in less than 15 seconds, and fire up her attraction for you in less than a minute... even if she's in a crappy mood!

  • The important difference between being playful and being a jerk.

Our "Secret Attraction Weapon" Available to You
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Previously released ONLY to members of our workshops, we're giving you the 52 card Banter Deck with some of our best Banter Lines! Print them out & practice banter exercises with your wing before you go out!

  • Favorite Lines include: "Hey, you look familiar... Have we had sex?" and "Bad Girl... Go to My Room!" and many others...

  • Choose any of the Banter Lines, and use them in EVERY interaction you do

  • Practice your favorite banter lines with your wing before you go out!

  • It's one thing to have the free Banter Deck... How about some free instruction?!?!
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Hear PickUp 101 Instructors & Students Tell YOU Exactly how to Use Banter to get the Girl of Your Dreams!

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