Moving Out... (Bittersweet)

It been over five and half years of oh-so much fun, love, and growth. I share what I've learned in this video...

Btw, I'm racing the sunset in this video. I start out well lit but seem to be in the dark by the end.

...

Don't Make These 9 New Year's Eve Mistakes

New Year's is a great opportunity for getting a LOT more then just a one-night hook up. Most people don't think about it this way, but New Years is your best chance for finding a great woman you can get serious with, or at least date casually for an extended period of time. BUT make sure you don't drop the ball and make any of these mistakes on New Years Eve...

Click the link to find out more!

...

The Secret to Halloween Hookups!

Time is ticking down to one of the BEST Holidays for meeting women... Find out the 11 Top Tricks & Treats to make your Halloween a Night to Remember!

Click the link to find out more!

P.S. - See the guy on the right? Don't EVER do that.


...

Tipping Point Interview with Lance Mason

I had the opportunity to talk with Lance this last Tuesday about DayGame, how to establish deep connections with women and what to do when you date.

Lance also talks about what he calls the 3 'Tipping Points' of dating...

Unfortunately the audio quality was horrible, so we couldn't release it as it was.  But you're in luck; we had a full transcript made:

Here it is in full,


P.S. - Let us know what you think in the comments section below!


Andy: Hello, this is Andy and I work for Lance Mason's Pickup 101 and The Art of Attraction program. If you've ever seen the Fearless First Impressions product or if you've ever seen the sales page on that, then you've probably read my story. About three years ago I went to this amazing workshop and after seeing Lance do his thing and having gone through the workshop and then going out and doing it myself, I was hooked.

...

How To Stimulate The Economy ... In Your Pants!

Let's face it, the economy has tanked.

So how do you use the crappy economy to your advantage?

Easy. Click to watch Lance Mason explain how to 'Stimulate the Economy... In Your Pants!'

...

Comments On Our New Name!

Finally! A new name and a new site that (I hope...) better reflects our overall focus.

Hear some words on the new name from PickUp 101 founder Lance Mason.

...

Four Dates In Four Hours? See Proof

I’ve had a couple of e-mails recently doubting whether or not it really is possible to get 4 Dates in 4 Hours...

Check out this student who was able to do it within a week of his workshop!

See for yourself:

...

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